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    Music Lessons
  • Trial Lesson

    Are you interested in music but unsure where to start? Try a trial lesson! Trial lessons are a great way for new students to try a new instrument, and all ages and skill levels are welcome!

  • Virtual Lessons

    COVID-19 Update: To continue to serve our students and complement home-school schedules, we are now offering virtual lessons online! With schools closed and many parents working from home, the URS team recognizes that now, more than ever, music can make a big difference in our lives!

  • Tonara

    We have begun to incorporate a fantastic music practice app in our lessons that makes practicing more engaging, interactive and fun! It’s called Tonara, and we are providing our students access to it for FREE! Tracking assignment progress and encouraging practice are easier now with game-like rewards, stickers, and more! 


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Music is the universal language.


Learn an instrument, play in a band.


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  • Amazing Music Facts

    • Higher IQs after 9 Months of Piano or Voice
    • Higher Test Scores on Standardized Tests
    • Decreased Stress for All Ages
    • Increased Self Esteem
    • Increased Pattern Recognition and Mental Representation
    • Higher Math and Verbal SAT Scores
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